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NEW! 12/9/14 First Responder Communication Boards
GP37 - First Resp. Comm. Bd., 4-tablets, 200 boards - $72.00
GP38 - First Resp. Comm. Bd., 1 -tablet, 50 boards - $24.00
GP39 - First Resp. Comm. Bd., 12- laminate boards - $24.00

When communication is vital, First Responder Communication Boards can be a life saver! Developed by Joan Green and Linda Comerford with the help of professional first responders, Greenhouse Publications is proud to announce the arrival of these communication aids. The boards feature 50, hand-drawn, colorful icons depicting a patient's MAIN COMPLAINT, TYPE OF PAIN and MEDICAL HISTORY. In addition the boards contain a pain scale, a clock, an alphabet and numbers used to help determine the what, where, when and why of a patients medical issues.