Providing interactive communication and reading tools for special education and healthcare providers and first responders.

NEW! iPad and Android versions available in the Apple App Store and Google Play App Store in their MEDICAL categories. Now in 8 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Swedish, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.

Health Care Communication App
Based on our Health Care Communication Board, the Health Care Communication App has allowed us to expand our format from one page, front and back, to 7 full pages (276 icons) designed to help patients better communicate with their caregivers!

The Health Care Communication App (HCA) features original drawings by Linda Comerford depicting ailments, wants, needs, questions and foods. Touch an icon and it SPEAKS! Type in a phrase or sentence and HCA will VOICE it. Change the settings in preferences and it TRANSLATES language.

To order from the Apple App Store or Google Play App Store you must access them from an iPad or Android tablet. Healthcare Communication App cannot be viewed or downloaded from a phone. Go to Medical Categories and do a search for Healthcare Communication App to purchase and download.

HCA is divided into 7 helpful pages of use:

URGENT PAGE- includes a Pain Scale to determine where and how bad one hurts. Touch an area on the HCA body image and a marker is left to communicate WHERE IT HURTS. Touch the HCA scale between 0-10 and a marker is left there to convey HOW BAD IT HURTS. Along both sides of the Pain Scale are basic communication icons depicting ailments and a few basic wants/needs. This is a page of discovery and can be useful by first responders and emergency rooms.

QUESTIONS PAGE - 21 common questions patients ask.

PHYSICAL PAGE - icons depict physical wants and needs.

EMOTIONAL PAGE - icons represent emotional wants and needs.

ICU PAGE - features LARGER icons for visual assistance.

PEDIATRICS PAGE- needs and wants of children.

FOOD PAGE - common foods and drinks.